Are You Looking For Ways To Address Indoor Air Quality?

Ensure that your school facility or business facility are addressing  Indoor Air Quality problems. Take precautions to protect your staff and students health and safety. 

  • COVID compliance and avoiding virus spread in your facility. 
  • How to ensure excess CO2  does not reduce cognitive abilities in your students and staff.
  • Monitoring relative humidity as a preventative measure against mold and allergy sensitivities.
  • How the latest PM (particulate matter) sensors reduce asthma issues.


Aranet 4 PRO
base station

Industrial-grade environmental monitoring solution. Up to 100 wireless sensors can be added per single base station within the line-of-sight range up to 3km/1.9 mi.

Aranet 4 HOME

Aranet4 HOME is an innovative, stand-alone device for effortless monitoring of indoor air quality CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

Aranet 4 PRO

Aranet4 PRO is an innovative, wireless air quality monitor that measures CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure.