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Are You Looking For Ways To Address Indoor Air Quality

Ensure that your school or business facilities are addressing Indoor Air Quality problems. Take precautions to protect your student's and staff health and safety. 

  • COVID compliance and avoiding virus spread in your facility.
  • How to ensure excess CO2 does not reduce cognitive abilities in your students and staff.
  • Monitoring relative humidity as a preventative measure against mold and allergy sensitivities.
  • How the latest PM (particulate matter) sensors reduce asthma issues.

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Indoor Air Quality

Who are we?

RF Wireless Data, LLC, a new division of Heartland Video Systems, Inc. Est. 1990 (HVS). RF Wireless Data works with SAF Tehnika/Aranet to provide the industry standard of IoT sensors. We leverage HVS' expertise as a leading IT integrator of complex systems and microwave transmission technologies to provide lasting solutions. RF Wireless provides industrial grade RF sensors for a variety of different industries to monitor temperature, relative humidity, ammonia gas (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), differential pressure, light, water, electricity, and much more. 




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Aranet PRO base station

Aranet PRO base station

Aranet PRO base station is an environmental monitoring solution that can be applied from a small site to an industrial-scale setting. 

Aranet4 HOME sensor

Aranet4 HOME sensor

Aranet4 HOME is an innovative air quality monitor that measures CO2 level, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Aranet4 HOME sensor

Aranet4 PRO sensor

Aranet4 PRO is an innovative stand-alone battery-powered wireless sensor for monitoring CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure in a variety of indoor settings such as home, school, or office.

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