RF Wireless Data LLC

About Us

RF Wireless Data, LLC is a new division of Heartland Video Systems, Inc. (HVS), which has been involved in the microwave business for over 30 years. HVS decided to leverage its microwave experience and apply it to our new division. RF’s mission is about putting our customers first and providing them with the service and support they are looking for. 

Wireless monitoring is utilized in a variety of different industries to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, soil moisture, ammonia, and distance. Our partnership with SAF Tehnika’s proven wireless monitoring products offers us many new opportunities to explore. Check out our solutions page to learn about the different sensors and what industries these products would be used in.

At RF Wireless Data, LLC our vision is to make environmental monitoring affordable, easy to use, and precise. We are working closely with SAF Tehnika/Aranet to bring the best wireless monitoring solutions and Internet of Things to your company.