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Aranet4 PRO and Aranet PRO for Educational Facilities

Carbon dioxide monitoring is important for back-to-school COVID-19 safety plans to verify a proper amount of air is circulated into these environments.  COVID-19 is transmitted via aerosols,  which are small droplets that are released into the air during talking, coughing, and sneezing. These small droplets can linger in the air for several hours. Aranet4 sensors will display air quality readings when ventilation is needed and when people are at risk for COVID-19 infection via aerosols.

Another reason to monitor CO2 is to make sure the indoor air doesn’t contain high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration because this can affect a person’s cognitive ability and productivity. Indoor CO2 concentration can make people anxious, sleepy, and unable to concentrate which results in lower performance to complete tasks. Decreasing COlevels can increase a person’s productivity. Aranet products monitor indoor air quality, provide real-time data, and receive alerts when CO2 has crossed thresholds and rooms are ventilated in a timely manner, concentration and performance levels increase, improving productivity and overall contentment.

Check out our Lakeland University case study using the Aranet4 PRO base station and sensors.

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