Aranet PRO base station

Aranet PRO is an industrial-grade environmental monitoring solution.

Depending on how many sensors are required, the user can choose between three Aranet PRO versions – Aranet PRO 12, Aranet PRO 50 and Aranet PRO 100. The wireless sensors can be deployed within the line-of-sight range up to 3 km / 1.9 mi. Aranet PRO comes with free software. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analyzing, and comparing data in real time, set thresholds for alarms as well as exporting reports. Responsive design of the software adapts to smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Aranet PRO is compatible with Aranet Cloud.

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Aranet PRO base station datasheet


Aranet PRO quick start guide

Aranet PRO user guide

Aranet PRO licensing visual demo and instructions